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Maintenance Tips of Calcium Carbonate Micro Grinding Mill Lubricated Bearings

Calcium carbonate micro grinding mill finely ground plain bearings are bearings that work under sliding friction. The part of the shaft supported by the bearing is called the journal. The main feature of the grinding with calcium carbonate micro grinding mill is that the oil cover is machined on the sealing cap. A notch is milled in the lower part of the oil thrower to allow the oil thrown off the sliding journal to flow into the sliding bearing again. box. An outer retaining ring is added to the outside of the sliding bearing seal to prevent foreign objects from entering the bearing housing. In the process system, if a device fails and is forced to shut down, it will affect the production of the entire system and cause economic losses during the shutdown.
calcium carbonate micro grinding mill
When the two oil pumps are in the wet calcium carbonate micro grinding mill manufacturer's alarm and overhaul status is not reset, the oil in the oil storage Clirik is still available for the calcium carbonate micro grinding mill to continue to run for three hours. A temperature sensor is installed on each sliding bearing. When the oil supply is too small or other reasons cause the temperature of the sliding bearing to rise to 55 ° C, the control system alarms and the calcium carbonate fine powder mill automatically stops. In this way, it can protect the sliding bearings and provide time for troubleshooting. The matching parts of the journal are called bearing pads. In order to improve the friction properties of the bearing pad surface, a layer of antifriction material cast on its inner surface is called a bearing bush. In addition, the application of sliding bearings is generally under the conditions of low speed and heavy load conditions, or the operating parts where maintenance and lubrication are difficult.
During a normal operation of the calcium carbonate micro grinding mill, the hollow shaft of the feed suddenly heats up, the temperature is very high, reaching more than 200 degrees, the outer part of the hollow shaft color turns blue, and the emergency stop inspection found that there are many Babbitt alloys in the spherical tile. It is judged that the tile surface is ablated by high temperature. Under the action of friction and pressure, it is taken out of the tile mouth. The inspection found that the surface of the alloy tile lining showed many scratches, the middle one was very deep, but the bottom of the scratch and the spherical body still had about two thirds of the thickness. The reason for the analysis was that the temperature of the clinker entering the hollow shaft was too high. The surface temperature of the corresponding hollow shaft is very high, which dilutes the viscosity of the smooth oil and does not form an oil film. The shaft comes into direct contact with the tile lining to produce friction, which generates heat, the temperature rises sharply, and the surface of the tile lining is melted to form abrasions.

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